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WABA Italia is the first Italian Association related to Watsu.

Founded in 1993, it organized the first training courses for practitioners and instructors in Italy and gave Harold Dull the opportunity to register the trademark “Watsu” in Italy to protect it. It’s a duty that Waba Italia is still continuing. Thanks to the subsequent foundation of Watsu Italia as an Institute for education, Waba Italia could set itself up as an Association of Practitioners and take on a distinctive role in the representation of Practitioners at the Ministry, Regions and Institution Offices.

As an Association of Professional category already registered to CoLAP (Coordinamento Libere Associazioni Professionali) and CNEL (Consiglio Nazionale dell’Economia e del Lavoro) lists, it is managed by a board of Directors who have applied for admission in the list of representative Associations of Labors that are not regulated by any register or order at national level handled by the Italian Minister of Justice. Everything has been done considering the Implementation of the Directive 2005/36/CE related to the recognition of the professional qualities and of the Directive 2006/100/CE DECRETO LEGISLATIVO 9/11/2007 N. 206 - Italian Minister of Justice DECRETO April 28th, 2008.

Why enrolling

For an emerging profession like the one given by Watsu, being represented by a category may signify the chance to be recognized and protected that couldn’t be possible for the single professional: when introducing to Institutions collectively, in order to cope with necessities related to the category, this reveals to be the only way to achieve visibility. Through the support of an Association of Category, it is possible to go into partnership with other Associations having the same needs and reasons to be listened to counting on more strength.

Another advantage of being enrolled in WABA Italia is the contractual power: being a practitioner who offers his or her work to a center, not as a single person, but as a member of a Professional Association, may count on the guarantee related to professional shared standards and bargain for a proper wage coherent with minimum and maximum criteria arranged by the Board of the Members of the Association.

The European Union Directives state that members of a professional Association must be insured for third party liability.

Since January 2014, WABA Italia is searching about the best RCT insurance policy related to the “Watsu” activity:  since 2018 has been taken out with ASSIBRI. For further info, please visit the website www.wabaitalia.it or write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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