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In order to get closer to the watsu dimension, it’s possible to go through some experiential proposals so as to get closer to the Watsu® dimension, experiencing an evening or one-day monothematic encounter which allows for the exploration of all potentialities connected of this extraordinary aquatic practice.

The task is to offer the possibility to those people who, at the beginning, are not interested in any educational path, but would love to enjoy Watsu® at a recreational level and as a self growth path.

These are experiences that suit everyone, with no age limit nor prerequisites requested. Each encounter focuses on how to enhance the water skills experience offering the chance to learn of its benefits. They are an invitation to approach the pleasantness of letting us being sustained and cradled by water so as to expand perception and abandon ourselves into moments of relaxation and regeneration.


Our proposals

Presence of being

There’s no other place where to head for if not into the self _ Meditation the gateway to this natural space of awareness.

Meditation creates a state of active attention and presence of the here and now. It’s an opportunity to observe your thoughts and sensations without judging them nor interfering, giving space to a state of awareness, which is silent and not bothered by the usual chit-chat of the mind.

Meditation is a gateway that allows for a life lived fully and consciously.

We will use a lot of techniques for active meditations, visualizations and conscious breathing, so as to ease a space for being aware and inner silence. Being dropped into warm water will empower and amplify the experience itself.

Latest neuroscience research has demonstrated the significant benefits of meditation on stress treatment, such as the capacity of reducing anxiety and instilling calm, reducing pain and lots of chronic diseases, from cardiopathy to depression.


Sensorial universe

Discovering our senses in water
The five senses are both windows that open up when discovering the outside world, but also gateways to the inner world. In the “water dimension”, sensorial perception receives further amplification and creates a privileged path to the presence and awareness of our deepest self.
By getting dropped into water at body temperature, our physical body relaxes even more, so that the space of the senses gets amplified. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to get to know new friends and share experiences in a new way, by getting in touch with moments of deep joy and deep intensity, in an environment of listening, no judgements and trust.


Watsu of the heart

A journey toward the discovery of our watery soul.
Through Watsu, Ai Chi and the contact in water, together with other cradles and water meditations, you can explore movements and emotions to release and free the body and the soul.
Bringing, with courage and purity, the personal strategy of love in the cure of oneself and of other’s and of one’s inner world.


    Watsu for couples

    A special space dedicated to your relationship
    If the daily hectic life has stolen time and space from relationship and you desire to rediscover complicity and intimacy in a couple, then this is the ideal proposal.
    Intimacy is a personal path of comparison with the self and, at the same time, with our partner: it entails trust, attention, surrender, complicity. These experiences in warm water represent an invitation to go through some watsu principles, such as support, presence and acceptance in a couple.
    It’s been proved that, standing close one to another, in watsu, opens moments of real sharing of different intimacy with the partner: support people learn to offer reinforce the trust in a couple: all this is going to create an atmosphere where it will be possible to relax together.
    Simple gestures and movements will be taught and you’ll be even able to use them in some other special occasions with your partner, such as during a week-end at the thermal baths.


    Fairs and festivals

    Special occasions for encounters.

    Public occasions for encounters.

    From Belgioioso Castle in Pavia to cozy beaches in the "Emilia-Romagna Coast".



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