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Softly supported by a pillow placed under your head and floaters under your knees, you will be harmoniously rocked and lovingly cradled, so as to let all gained tensions slowly fade away.
When the operator considers the right moment has come, because of the deep state of relaxation you have reached, it’s the moment to start working on the surface of water.

This part of the work has nothing in common with Watsu techniques, especially courses of level 1 and 2. There are no points of acupressure; work is mostly focused on the mobilization of the joints and of the spine.

When the level of relaxation is complete, the operator asks the receiver if he or she feels ready to go underwater. If the partner is ready, a nose swimming clip, which had been tried at the beginning of the session, is given.
Here is the start of a trip into the infinite Ocean within, which is accompanied by the dolphin and whales’ spirit..for an unforgettable experience!

Softly, slowly, and with profound respect, you start going underwater.
You will receive useful stretches and…you will go through a series of specifically studied moves that  take you with kindness to a state of deep and soft meditation.
From now on, limits of depth in your trip will be the ones you choose and determine.

Sinking, received by the warm water, in the wonderful world of memories, the ones related to when we could float having no weight in the protect and safe environment of our mother’s womb. Dive into the self, in a space with no time, feel free and safe, while sliding in worlds with no weight.

Oceania Bodywork® Aqua Wellness is a technique that has been developed at the end of the 80’s in Switzerland by Nirvano Martina Shulz and Kaya Femerling. Its original name was Oceanic Aqua Balancing, but had been successively modified in 1997. Kaya continues her work in Australia, whereas Nirvano has remained in Europe.

Further info and dates of the training courses can be found visiting the website www.oceanicbodywork.com




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Nirvano is one of the guides in the development of aquatic therapies in warm water in in Europe. She is the co-founder of Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua Wellness and of the Hawaiian Bodywork and leads courses and workshops since the one of the 80’s. She completed her educational path in Hawaiian Healing Arts, Classic Massage, Rebalancing, work on deep tissues, Reiki, Tibetan Yoga, Aqua Yoga and craniosacral massage. She is the director of the Hawaiian and Aquatic Body Arts Institute.


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Gianni De Stefani is a Swiss swimming and aqua fitness instructor, athletic coach. Instructor of swimming for babies, teacher of Basic Watsu, Watsu 1, Watsu 2, Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua Wellness, Ai Chi, Tantsu Operator. He summarized a personal program of several practices, such as eutonia in water, Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua Wellness, Watsu®, aquatic yoga and prenatal gym in water.


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Luigi Cappellini is an instructor and president of Capriasca Water Team, Aqua Wellness Association and Watsu Ticino. He practiced water polo at a competitive level, fin swimming and underwater technique (European Champion in 1974). Swimming instructor for 30 years, mother and baby instructor, Ai Chi and Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua Wellness instructor. He studied Shiatsu with Japanese Masters for 6 years.


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Loana Soldini was born in Lugano in 1958. She was raised in water, where has been working for a long time. She specialized in courses of aquatics for newborns and adults who have specific problems in getting familiar with this splendid element. She works with disabled children and holds courses of gym in deep water. Operator and instructor of Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua Wellness. Basic watsu and watsu 1 instructor.

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