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Watsu® is one of the most innovative Wellness Art practiced in water at body temperature that combines the benefits given by Shiatsu, the ancient oriental practice, with warm water virtues.  

The body is tenderly supported and floats in water, creating a deep state of abandon and relaxation. Passing from moments of quiet to movement, a harmonic dance is created, where stretching is followed by swinging movements and free movements can emerge  from the deepest dimensions of the system.

Watsu has its roots in Harold Dull’s intuition in the early 80’s, after having learnt Zen Shiatsu techniques in Japan from Shizuto Masunaga, his Master.
Back in California, he tried to put into practice teachings he received with techniques learnt in the aquatic dimension in the spaces of Harbin Hot Spring.

Poetry and research, sensitivity and creativity, being and not doing harmoniously melted together

to give life to

Watsu = WAter shiaTSU = shiatsu in water.



Psycho-physical effects of a session may vary from person to person, among the most common we have:

•    Stress and anxiety reduction
•    Muscular tension relaxation
•    Improvement of joint range
•    Improvement of circulatory and lymphatic circulation
•    Breathing harmonization
•    Improvement of the sleep stages
•    Emotional tensions release
•    Overcoming of particular fears, such as the one related to water, innate trust earning

Receiving a Watsu® session amplifies the space of presence and perception of the self, offering the body and mind an opportunity to find a state of peace, calming down the chit chat of the outside and inner world.  


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